If You Can’t Cook This, You’re Retarded.

McCormick White Chicken Chili

McCormick- A staple of middle class cuisine since 1889.  Today I discovered that the McCormick World of Flavors store is located in Baltimore, which means I know what the fuck I’m doing this weekend.

But I digress.  The purpose of this post is for me to actually be constructive for once and introduce you to the principle of the “Sunday Chef.”

Because I work two jobs and one of them has a variable schedule, I like to cook a lot of stuff on Sunday and have it for lunch/dinner all week. If in your opinion having to eat the same thing every day for a few days outweighs the benefit of only spending about twenty bucks for an entire week’s worth of food, then this is not the post for you. IF you are still reading, get your ass to the spice aisle at Giant and buy a McCormick spice packet, follow the instructions on the back x2, and enjoy the extra time and money you save by outsmarting the M-F grind and cooking all of your shit on Sunday. I made McCormick White Chicken Chili last night, and with prep time it takes less than an hour. If you make too much you can freeze half or send it over to your neighbor, since you know her man won’t hold a job.

This week’s special- White Chicken Chili.


One comment on “If You Can’t Cook This, You’re Retarded.

  1. […] You know I like to make foods on the weekend that can last me all week.  I triumphantly(?) quit my night job this week, but I will probably still make all of my food on Sunday to allow for more sitting on my ass during weeknights. […]

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