The Crass Ceiling

Glass CeilingThere is this dingleberry at my work who is always trying to pawn his work off on others. In his addled mind, graphic designer means “Ed’s Typist,” so he always comes to me to try and make me type his letters, claiming that he doesn’t have the software. It looks like it is high time for somebody to admit that he doesn’t know Microsoft Word. Jesus Christ, our office is so janky he probably has the version with the original talking paper clip, and still would rather try and tell a woman what to do than actually learn something.

When I brought this issue up to my small social circle at work, together we realized that he was trying to delegate only to the women of the company. This adds an entirely new and exponentially more insulting facet to his already annoying habits of bossing others, taking three hour lunch breaks, and always skipping his turn to buy donuts on Friday while still eating the donuts other people bring (we can now add “red commie bastard” to the list of offenses). I would also like to throw out the last ounce of professionalism in this post by mentioning that he “sprays it” when he “says it.” Not work relevant, but still irksome.

As someone who is a full-time member of the “too much shit to do already” club, I constantly have to remind him that this isn’t Mad Men and I didn’t go to college to type his letters. I don’t know why he still automatically assumes that the women of the office are beneath him, when we refute him on a daily basis in such a magnificent cacophony of insulting gestures. What gives anyone the right to assume that they are the boss based on what hardware they have? If we bring actual job skills into the equation, then if anything having a vagina would automatically imply rank over Ed since even my vagina can figure out how to use Microsoft Word on its own.


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