All Work is Honorable

mike-rowe-1I found today’s LinkedIn post by Jeff Haden particularly inspiring after two guys argued and took bets on what color my underwear was while I was working my night job at the gas station yesterday. Note: I said gas station, not strip club… Although if there’s another tax hike I might end up on the pole to pay my student loans.

I really don’t understand people who degrade others based on what type of work they do. Too many Americans think that they are too good to wait tables, work construction, or do other labor, and they regularly harass the people that do. I guarantee you that no hourly worker is compensated enough to make up for the annoyances and outright harassment they put up with from idiots that come into their work. This country has really lost touch with the value of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps to earn an honest living and support your family. What do you want to bet that taxes paid on my night job are paying for the two guys from last night to sit at home all day dodging child support payments and watching cable?

If Jeff Haden’s article isn’t enough to convince you to respect others equally, here is a letter that Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs wrote to Mitt Romney last year. I don’t know if Mitt ever offered up an answer, I think he was probably still trying to puzzle out how the middle class can be struggling when we all make 200k per year. He wrote a similar letter to Barack Obama, who (according to the site) never responded, presumably because he was too busy doing this. I won’t hold it against him, I don’t like to discriminate…


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