State of the Union

cartoon_200403_0I was looking forward to offering a middle class perspective on the State of the Union, but unfortunately I missed it due to having to work my second job. Maybe I will catch it later on this week.

I got a nice email from my mother today saying that her company is no longer matching her 401K and that she is taking a pay cut. In her words, “They are preparing for the “Fiscal Cliff” Obama is driving us over. They have matched 50% up to 5 % all the years I’ve been here. It’s about a $200 a month pay decrease for me.”

They are also cutting her health benefits, which is great because the added stress of the pay cuts certainly won’t push anybody toward depression, anxiety or worse. Luckily for me, my company never offered us health insurance, vacation or 401K in the first place, so I won’t be disappointed. I guess my boss is progressive considering that he built the “work until you die” bandwagon that everyone else is now jumping on.

Plus, we just got that tasty tax hike! They had better be spending that extra on the good hookers and blow, I don’t want them wasting my educational debt payments or my mother’s retirement money on anything less.

Middle Class: Too poor to afford a home or healthcare, too “rich” for the government to want to help.


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