When Will We Learn?

Suck it!Former Applebee’s server Chelsea Welch has come forward and written an article for The Guardian.  For those of you who have been living under a rock, Chelsea was fired for humiliating some taint blister who thought it was a good idea to scratch out their server’s tip and write “I give God 10%, why do you get 18.” Is that really supposed to be an excuse? God doesn’t need your Obama money.

In proper MC fashion, I worked through middle school, high school and college in various restaurants.  As a former server I am doubly offended and annoyed by the actions of this patron.  As a former religious nut I wonder why the offender felt the need to remind us that God does not bless us all with intelligence. I used to humiliate sub-par tippers in various ways, but because I was stealthy and my tactics were effective, retribution was never sought and I was permitted to continue the vigilantism.  What were they going to tell my manager?  “Oh, I was acting like an asshole and this teenage waitress called me out. Apparently her public university does not accept good intentions in lieu of tuition.”

I was taking a risk that usually paid off with the offenders suddenly remembering how to calculate 20% and awarding me thusly, and I bet every last one of those patrons thought twice before stiffing another server.  However, we also had clever managers that didn’t comp meals and fire good employees for the sake of pandering to the same white trash week after week. Because of this an amazing thing happened; our regulars weren’t shit heads!


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