I Feel Like Dilbert

Who out of my three readers has heard of the Dilbert Principle? It is a deviation of the “Peter Principle” which states that companies tend to systematically promote their least-competent employees to management (generally middle management), in order to limit the amount of damage they are capable of doing.

It’s time for the middle class MCs to come together and realize that we deserve better. Why does work have to be such a grind? How come only the geniuses at Google get to sit on exercise balls instead of office chairs? How come we don’t all get offices with doors so that co-workers can’t see us crying behind our monitors?

Be the change you want to see. Buy your own exercise ball, or string up a deliciously hideous curtain to block the entrance to your cubicle. Surprise everybody at work with donuts or a fruit bowl (the edible kind, not the kind where you show people your ass with your junk between your legs). Who cares, we only live once.


My computer monitor faces away from the door so that no one can see the short breaks I am taking to job hunt on Indeed.com and write this blog. There are so few things left to keep me sane in the crummy company I toil for, one of them being that my boss doesn’t show up until 11 a.m. You might be wondering why I am glad for this. His lack of value for the time of others means more time that I can stalk recruiters on LinkedIn, improve my résumé, and learn the Mac shortcut for an “e” with an accent. For everything that annoys us or makes us depressed about our work, there is a small favor that can mean all of the difference.

Pray for MojoThis week my boss made me waste several trips on my own gas to go to the sign shop to pick up the slack on yet another project he had put off until the last minute. I was frustrated knowing how much was on my plate back at the office. However, because I spent so much time at the sign shop, I got to know the sign maker. Because I got to know the sign maker, I connected with him on LinkedIn. Because I connected with him, he told me about a client who was hiring. My interview is on Tuesday.


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