Time Flies When You’re Having Fun, a.k.a. “Why Did I Go to College?”


Today I realized that I haven’t been on vacation since January 2011.  It took me two years to realize that I haven’t been on vacation for two years.  Coincidentally I haven’t had a savings account since December 2010, which is when I graduated from college.  Think hard about that, rocket scientist readers, and you will see a connection.

Is it more or less depressing that the only two weeks I have had off of work in the past two years were one for the flu and one for having four impacted wisdom teeth pulled? The drugs I got weren’t even hallucinogenic.

justificationAt least I have my cliffside manor and exotic car collection, or else that art degree would have been a huge waste of time. For some reason no one at my part time job working nights at the gas station believes that I have any of the shit in this picture. ——–>

In the meantime I continue to work on becoming an inspirational story for other townies. Last night while I was showering in my backyard I caught myself reminiscing about how at this time last year I lived with eight roommates in a house with no heat, and shared a bed with my (female) college roommate. Now I am down to one roommate and up one awesome boyfriend that provides me with free food on a regular basis. He even took me skiing. I had never seen so many white people in one place. Who knows what great heights I’ll soar to next year?


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